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Recycled aluminum industry chain Development Forum ended in 2011
Release date:2012-6-8 15:33:30News source :
      On the eve of the surging tide of the 109 th Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, more than 100 recycled aluminum industry experts and business community representatives gathered Donlord International Hotel, in-depth to explore the technology of recycled aluminum industry of common concern, market, equipment, management, and other important topics. From "renewable resources" magazine, Beijing in color regeneration of Metal Research Limited, non-ferrous industrial centers of the big global use of renewable resources in 2011 recycled aluminum industry chain Development Forum, jointly organized by the Institute of   Technology and the 8th China regeneration aluminum technology upgrades seminar has been successfully completed by the three-day courses and visits. The Forum and the training class, more than 100 corporate management and technical personnel from nearly 50 recycled aluminum production enterprises with 18 recycled aluminum research, production and management experts, in the course of three days of nearly 20 units experts and entrepreneurs in the regeneration of the aluminum industry faces upgrading of technology and scientific management of enterprises to carry out in-depth and enthusiastic teaching seminars. Supervision Division of the State General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Environmental Protection Solid Waste Management Center, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Supervision Department experts attended the meeting and resolve the policy issues of corporate concern.
    Gap of three days of discussions and exchange views, participants, and many experts twice drove through the bustling Guangzhou City, walked into the Alloy Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou the GeIL Nonferrous Alloys Co., Ltd. and Guangdong JAS aluminum alloy sorting and smelting workshop busy sorting preprocessing the scene and blazing hearth, recycled aluminum business friends from all over the country forget the unity of knowledge and practice through the field equipment to observe the production process of the curriculum of the seminar background; two enterprises to standardize and clean production workshop, scientific management methods to the participants left a deep impression, and taught by teaching experts live in the aluminum smelting processing field, both intuitive and in-depth to try to figure out the regeneration aluminum smelting, processing the entire process.
    When reporters asked about feelings participated in the sessions of the training class representative, they invariably say, every time there is a new harvest, and the freshness of this time to give us more. Both to the most direct guidance on the selection and use of the alloy of aluminum smelting and environmental protection equipment, but also with the help of recycled aluminum industry trend analysis and data summarized the latest industry developments and a wealth of information. Entrepreneurs and experts face-to-face contact is the starting point of the seminar to bring economic and social benefits. Previous training class, the lecturer is the focus of attention, each seminar, after the addition of a landscape in the enterprise: the experts to come.
    Chinese renewable government departments and enterprises of aluminum industry chain Development Forum and the recycled aluminum technology upgrades seminar has so far held the eighth, made an important contribution to regeneration of the aluminum industry and enterprise level of technical equipment for China, has also been community recognition, forums and training classes has become the renewable metal industry is well-known brand and a good platform for government and corporate dialogue. In order to allow delegates into the production site to visit, new themes and ideas to each session of the seminar, the seminar had chosen to Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangxi and Guangzhou as the venue, this session the eve of the end of the seminar, we are thinking: the next industry meeting place where it?
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