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The Toden not stop the enthusiasm of the aluminum market more than
Release date:2012-6-8 15:35:30News source :

    The first trading day after the Dragon Boat Festival, Shanghai aluminum main contract 1108 performance. Yangtze spot to refresh the history of 280 yuan / ton in a single day or the day, display goods with up wishes. The excellent performance of the aluminum is largely benefit from the market also play a role in fueling the decline in the "shortage" concern, the exchange and the spot market aluminum inventory.

    "Shortage" caused widespread concern in the aluminum market sparks

    Increase the cost of industrial electricity known as "electric tiger" said the aluminum industry has played a significant role in promoting. High energy consumption enterprises to curb electricity demand as a fundamental way to solve the electricity shortage will raise electricity prices in the long run it is not feasible, after all, the price increases can not fundamentally solve the core problem caused by the electricity shortage, namely coal-fired upside down.

     In addition, the drought in the Yangtze River basin of water and electricity supplies to further enlarge the coming period, the tariff was again raised the possibility still exists. Continued to spread and electricity prices rise again on the electricity shortage is expected to ignite the enthusiasm of investors, including hedge funds and investment banks, including investment in the aluminum futures. Recently, the clever layout of the aluminum futures, hedge funds and international investment banks and large domestic aluminum enterprises throw the spot to do more than aluminum reported incessant ear. Although the exact extent of the message to be confirmed, but the electricity shortage before us, whether it is peak summer to take a passive reduction in the supply of power cuts caused by aluminum, or the tariff increase further once again pushed up the cost, are doing more than Shanghai aluminum weapon.

    The export tax rebate will be reduced to reduce the pressure on aluminum inventories

    Recently, the Ministry of Finance reported that the resource commodities, including aluminum export tax rebate brewing down once again to enter the market, the alleged tax rebate adjustment in June and July, some of the aluminum export tax rebate rate down from the current 13 percent to 9 percent .

    About to cancel the aluminum export tax rebate in early statement came after a number of small aluminum processing enterprises to take advantage of the policy before the introduction of strengthening the primary aluminum minor processing changes for aluminum exports, not only evaded the export of primary aluminum to pay 15 % tariff, but also to obtain the export tax rebate profit profiles.

    Domestic consumption is not busy season "in March and April, China''''''''s aluminum exports remained at 32.5% and 52.9% year-on-year growth rate, decreased significantly since the beginning of aluminum stock to make a greater contribution. Lowered the export tax rebate policy promulgation of approaching the phenomenon of small processing enterprises in exchange for a profit mustering by the production and export aluminum is not difficult to foresee, which is conducive to advancing the aluminum inventories continue to decline, which will help the aluminum upstream.

    Aluminum market still faces a destabilizing factor

    Dragon Boat Festival, plus interest rate expectations come to nothing, to break the central bank''''''''s monetary policy to maintain the rhythm of January 1st to mention the quasi-"and" bi-monthly a rate hike "is still in the policy sensitive period before the announcement of macroeconomic data, is widely recognized by many May CPI increase, the agency will create a new high this year forecast. Therefore, the central bank to raise deposit reserve ratio or raising interest rates to curb inflation expectations are still strong, the aluminum before the data will be subject to investor sentiment, the impact of volatility. In addition, according to statistics, the new capacity of electrolytic aluminum production in May was 58.8 million tons, 600,000 tons and 420,000 tons of new capacity have been put into operation in June and July, the new capacity is bound to abundant domestic aluminum supply on aluminum The price uplink to suppress the formation.

    Despite the current market in the policy sensitive period before the announcement of macroeconomic data, the aluminum face the risk of volatility, but it is worth noting that the data published and policy enact impact on the market stage, continued "shortage" will bring of aluminum investment value is increasingly enhanced with the arrival of the summer peak. Therefore, in the next period of time, grasp the opportunity of Shanghai aluminum callback involved in more than a single.

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