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When the urban rail and aluminum encounter
Release date:2012-6-8 15:37:30News source :
      When the encounter of urban rail and aluminum; industrial aluminum hit the high-speed rail, urban rail, and aluminum will be how? Industrial aluminum and high-speed rail, how will?
    With China''s rapid economic development of rail transportation into the growth period. But at the same time, energy shortages, environmental degradation, there is a problem also put forward higher requirements for the development of rail transit vehicles. Aluminum and industrial aluminum light weight, excellent molding, high strength, corrosion resistance, renewable and other characteristics come to the fore in many materials.
    Railway lightweight vehicles is an important way to achieve high-speed heavy. Aluminum is the best lightweight materials. As early as the 1950s, some of the world''s more developed countries began to use aluminum to manufacture railway vehicles, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, the United States is alloy coal gondola car technology was first the most mature countries, to March 2004, to complete the first batch of 210 C80 aluminum coal gondola car manufacturing.
    Expected that the Chinese urban rail transport mileage in 2015 will reach 2100 km, is expected to reach 3000-3500 km in 2020. At present, domestic rail transit vehicles use aluminum has been basically to achieve localization. The next 10 years will be 10 years, the development of China''s large and medium-sized urban rail transit construction with the construction of rapid rail transit, rail transit use    aluminum will also usher in new opportunities for development.
    The encounter of urban rail and aluminum, creating urban rail development, but also created the economic effects of aluminum, but also created the social effects of aluminum.
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