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High-precision aluminum strip is still in the vacant
Release date:2012-7-26News source :

    The import of high-precision aluminum strip is estimated that in the next few years is still the main varieties of China''s aluminum imports. Single rack to the end of 2010, China has dual volume of aluminum billet hot-rolling mill (including construction) accounted for 71% of the world''s total number of units; multi-rack hot rolling production line (including construction) accounted for 29 percent of the world; the cold rolling mill accounted for 50% of the world.

    Only auto body aluminum strip to the 2010 is still in the vacant state, still the world''s advanced level of the car body aluminum with a professional production line. "Short board" with the production of aluminum in automotive body is the lack of modern high-tech level of a variety of finishing equipment. Mechanics, auto body aluminum band in addition to corrosion resistance, good adult, good weldability and excellent bake hardening aluminum plate with a surface state is very strict quality requirements, from domestic, though, the doors of passenger cars with engine cover also produces aluminum alloy strip, but due to the lack of a high level of finishing equipment, as well as the constraints of the R & D level, and its low production and the quality is still up to less than the requirements of car manufacturers.

    China''s auto output reached 18.26 million in 2010, automotive lightweight process is accelerating in the environment of the energy saving at home and abroad, for aluminum and aluminum in the automotive industry to create a perfect market opportunity. The aluminum Wang Chutang, estimated in accordance with China''s auto industry development trend, by 2015 China''s auto industry may reach 55-60 million tons aluminum with

    Has basically met the conditions of formation of automotive aluminum center, who should invest into the car body aluminum with market who will benefit first. Who will seize the market vacancies - car body aluminum with high-precision aluminum strip, the industry remains to be seen. Three points can be sure, one in China will certainly build auto body aluminum strip production line with modern standards; auto body aluminum with manufacturer must have the use of modern hot-rolled production of billets; car must have a series of modern body aluminum with a finishing line.

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