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Changzhoushi Yifei Aluminum(Mechanical) Co.,Ltd
Address:Wujin District of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Hengshan Town, Furong Rong Rd 48
Zip Code:213118
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Company Conception
Quality at first,technical innovation,carry out ISO9001 quality management system,quality management,be customer's faithful partners
Quality Control
*Quality control of raw material
     We produce aluminum bar by more than 99.7% purity of aluminum ingot, with on-line degassing we ensure that percentage of hydrogen in each aluminum bar can meet the requirement of opc drum base .Meanwhile,with Japan Mitsubishi original filter equipment we ensure that percentage of impurity can also meet the requirement of opc drum base.
     With low magnification inspection and metallographic analysis according to GB3246 specification, we ensure that quality of aluminum bar can meet demand of opc drum production in each lot.          
*Quality process control    
      Follow up batch management,we control quality strictly for each batch by technical confirmation&dimension assurance&performance inspection,from extrusion to delivery of finished products. 
Technical Innovation
      We heat aluminum bar precisely and graduallyt in the extrusion process by intermediate frequency electromagnetic furnace,control extrusion speed automatically by PLC system ,equal temperature extrusion of each bar,make sure that each bar can extrusion under the same technical condition,ensure mechanical properties homogeneity and stability.
      Considering precise dimension,stability production,and strict quality demand of anodized surface for opc drum,considering our equipment,we adjust suitable extrusion technical,draw tube by frequency conversion stretching machine,control strictly stretching process for each tube,make dimension precise and controlled after stretching,so that we can make sure of good surface after anodizing.
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Address:Wujin District of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Hengshan Town, Furong Rong Rd 48  
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